Should you confess to cheating after a one night stand?

One night stands are one-off, sexual encounters free from emotional intimacy. But do they count as cheating? And should you tell your partner if you have had a one night stand while in a relationship with them?

Yes, cheating is wrong

One-night stands are a breach of trust.

Confessing is honourable

Lying or keeping secrets from your partner about a one night stand can be more damaging than the infidelity itself. Trust is the most important factor in maintaining a healthy relationship.

No, keep it to yourself

Had a one night stand and want to keep your relationship? Your problem, you deal with it.

One night stands aren't cheating

Over the last few years, adultery surveys in the United States and the United Kingdom have found that not everyone believes one night stands should be considered cheating.

Confessing is selfish

Confession comes from a place of guilt. It may make the person who cheated feel better to own up to a one night stand. But it's selfish to put the pain and burden of your bad decisions onto your partner, especially if the act of infidelity was a one-off.
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