Are standardized tests effective?

Standardized testing has been around for a surprisingly long time, but has become much more regulated in the 21st century. With so much based upon these tests, debate has sparked about the effectiveness of them. Are they really a good measure of intelligence? Or do they just measure how well a student takes a certain form of test?

Standardized tests are effective

Standardized tests act as the most effective nationwide tool of measuring student success.

Standardized tests provide opportunities for students

For students in large schools, standardized tests act as a way for particularly motivated students to stand out among the crowd.

Standardized testing allows for consistent assessment

With the sheer number of students in the country and the varying differences in each school, standardized tests are necessary to accurately gather data.

Standardized tests are not effective

Standardized testing, an attempt to measure student success, only ends up measuring their testing ability, while corrupting the purpose of learning.

They prompt teachers to teach to the test

Teachers shape their entire curriculum to teaching techniques and content that will be on the test, leaving no time for other material.

Too many decisions rely on the outcome of standardized tests

From teacher tenure to student promotion to the next grade, way too much relies on only one form of national student assessment.
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