Should surrogacy be legal?

Surrogacy refers to the process through which a woman intentionally becomes pregnant with a baby she does not intend to keep, instead carrying the foetus for its intended parent or parents, usually because the parent is unable to do so without her. Surrogacy may be altruistic where the surrogate is not paid, or commercial where she is. Countries and states often have unclear legislation on surrogacy. Should surrogacy be legalized? Under what conditions should surrogacy be legal?

Yes, surrogacy should be legal.

Everybody should have access to parenthood and women can decide what they do with their bodies. Surrogacy should be legal.

Surrogacy allows people unable to have children naturally to have them

Some people can not have children without scientific help and surrogacy can fix this inequity.

Surrogacy is about a woman's bodily autonomy

Women can utilise their bodies however they choose, including surrogacy.

Surrogacy is a practical solution

If we do not legalise surrogacy, people will do it in poorer countries where women are exploited. Currently, a large amount of surrogacy happens overseas in developing nations due to restrictive surrogacy laws in Western countries.

Surrogacy is a natural way to have babies who are wanted

With surrogacy, we are sure that parents have a real desire for a child.

No. Surrogacy should be illegal.

Commodification of human life is immoral and surrogacy is exploitative.

Surrogacy exploits women

Most women are forced into surrogacy by coercion or economic need.

Surrogacy is immoral

Commodification of human life is immoral. No country allows the sale of human beings.

Prospective parents should adopt instead

It is immoral to utilise surrogacy when there are so many children in the world without families.

Surrogacy has long-term negative impacts

Surrogacy has long-term negative impacts upon both surrogate and child.

A child born to a surrogate is in an uncertain legal situation

Especially when born in international surrogacy arrangements, the children born from surrogacy may find themselves in the middle of a legal battle.

It depends: surrogacy should be legal only under certain conditions.

Conditions regarding the surrogate mother of the prospective parents.

Only altruistic surrogacy should be legal

If no money is involved, than surrogacy is pure generosity.
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