Is torture ever justified?

Torture is the intentional use of extreme physical suffering on a non-consenting, defenceless person for the purpose of breaking their will. While it is a horrific act, defendants argue that torture can produce information that is extremely valuable to governments and can save many lives.

Yes, torture can be justified

Torture can glean highly valuable information and save many lives.

With torture, the end justifies the means

In time poor situations that could harm the greater part of humanity, torture can be justified if it means saving the community.

No, torture cannot be justified

Torture is a fundamental contravention of human rights and is always unacceptable.

Torture undermines human rights and dignity

It is unacceptable to undermine human rights in the way that torture does.

Torture doesn't work

Torture warps the mind and information said can be false because of it.

Torture renders intelligence as inadmissible in court settings

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