What are the views on the legalization of gay marriage?

To be denied the opportunity to marry is to be locked out of one of life’s main identity-defining rituals. Marriage is both an expressive and legal act but for many same-sex couples around the world, it is not an option. Should our legal definition of marriage be expanded to include same-sex couples?

Gay marriage should be legalized

Same-sex couples should enjoy the same rights as heterosexual couples and be allowed to marry.

Not allowing same-sex marriage is discriminatory

To grant different legal rights on the basis of gender, religion, race or sexual orientation is discrimination.

Marriage is a fundamental right for all

Everyone has the legal right to marry their partner of choice. The option for a person to marry whomever they want is legal in numerous countries, including the United States and Germany.

Gay marriage is beneficial to the economy

A country or state can create a more competitive economic market by legalizing gay marriage. Many businesses argue that legalizing gay marriage would allow employers a larger pool of creative and hard-working employees. Local economies would also benefit from the revenue from weddings and marriage license fees.

The definition of marriage is always changing

The definition of marriage is constantly shifting as societal attitudes change.

Same-sex couples should be allowed to enter civil unions

Civil unions or partnerships are catch-all terms to describe the formal legal recognition of a relationship but without necessarily granting the full marital rights or label of marriage.

Civil unions provide the best of both worlds

Civil unions offer a compromise that enables all those who advocate for and against same-sex marriages to be able to keep their stand. While a compromise does not scream equality between heterosexuals and homosexuals, it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Marriage remains a religious ritual

Civil unions can grant legal rights to gay couples without infringing on the religious ritual of marriage.

Gay marriage should be illegal

Acknowledging any form of civil union between homosexual partners would condone an unacceptable practice.

Gay marriage goes against the institution of marriage

The ideals of the marital institution are not compatible with homosexual relationships.

Homosexuality is against many religious beliefs

Many religions do not condone homosexual relations. To acknowledge these relationships through legal recognition of any kind would be an affront to many religions.

Gay marriage would undermine the fidelity of marriage

Gay people are more prone to extra-marital affairs. Allowing them legal marriage rights would undermine the fidelity of marriage.

It is an irrelevant debate

The debate isn't relevant. Marriage should not be a legal matter.

Only God determines the legitimacy of a marriage

It is not the role of the state to determine who we can and cannot marry.
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