Was Winston Churchill a hero?

Prime Minister Winston Churchill was a leader and character who supported the British People through a world war. Should we consider Winston Churchill a hero, or do some of his actions suggest we remember him in another way?

Yes, Winston Churchill was a hero

Winston Churchill successfully lead Britain through the second world war

Winston Churchill inspired resilience in the population

'Keep calm and carry on'

No, Winston Churchill was not a hero

Winston Churchill supported the use of poison gas against the Kurds

Winston Churchill had a hand in the Bengal Famine

Winston Churchill gave permission for blanket bombing of German cities

Winston Churchill was a racist and a white supremacist

Winston Churchill has been mythologized and tokenized

It depends - Winston Churchill was a flawed hero

At Great Cost

He presided over the loss of Britain's Empire and Economy. He might not have had enviable options. Still, it put the UK in a position from which it has still not recovered.

"Remember the Dardenelles..."

WC was long held responsible for the disaster at Gallipoli. It became a test for his whole career. It was bold. It could have worked. But it didn't.
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