Who is the greatest Tottenham Hotspur striker of all time?

White Hart Lane - the North London heartland of football club Tottenham Hotspur - has been home to many world class strikers since the team was established in 1882. But who is the team's greatest striker of all time>?

Jermain Defoe is the greatest Tottenham striker of all time

Jermaine Defoe is Tottenham's sixth highest goal scorer of all time

Jermaine Defoe scored 163 goals across 363 appearances for Tottenham

Jermaine Defoe is a loyal Spurs player

Jermaine has had multiple stints as a member of Tottenham. After initially leaving for Portsmouth in 2008, he returned in 2009.

Jermaine Defoe is the eighth highest goal scorer in Premier League history

Jimmy Greaves is the greatest Tottenham striker of all time

With 266 goals scored for Tottenham across 379 appearances, Jimmy Greaves is the club's top scorer by some way.

Jimmy Greaves scored 266 goals across 379 appearances for Tottenham

A striker's job is to score goals. Jimmy Greaves scored more than anyone else for Tottenham.

Jimmy Greaves put Tottenham on the world stage

Bobby Smith is the greatest Tottenham striker of all time

Bobby Smith had an astonishing 0.66 strike ratio at Tottenham

Smith comes second only to Jimmy Greaves with his unbelievable strike ratio.

Bobby Smith scored 208 goals for Tottenham

Bobby Smith was responsible for Tottenham's double success in 1960/61

Bobby Smith is the second best all time goal scorer in Tottenham history

Second only to Jimmy Greaves, Bobby Smith's legendary skill as a striker make him Tottenham's all time second highest goal scorer.

Teddy Sheringham is the greatest Tottenham striker of all time

Teddy Sheringham received the Golden Boot in 1992

When Teddy Sheringham joined Tottenham he scored a season record breaking 22 goals in the Premier League.

Teddy Sheringham scored 124 goals across 277 appearances for Tottenham

Jürgen Klinsmann is the greatest Tottenham striker of all time

Jürgen Klinsmann inspired football to bring in foreign players

Klinsmann paved the way for international Tottenham players including Son and Hugo Lloris.

Robbie Keane is the greatest Tottenham striker of all time

Robbie Keane scored 112 goals across 306 appearances

Robbie Keane inspired his fans and his team

Keane was a strong leader with a contagious energy that rubbed off on his team.

Martin Chivers is the greatest Tottenham striker of all time

Martin Chivers scored 178 goals for Tottenham

Martin Chivers was responsible for Tottenham's cup successes in the early 1970s

Martin Chivers had 24 England caps

Harry Kane is the greatest Tottenham striker of all time

The current England captain runs rings around his rivals for best Tottenham striker of all time.

Harry Kane is on track to score more goals than his predecessors

Based on Kane's current goal ratio of 0.66 is on track to beat his closest rival - Martin Chivers - on goals scored for the club within the next year.

Harry Kane is a World Cup Golden Boot recipient

In the 2018 World Cup, Kane received the prestigious Golden Boot for scoring more goals than any other striker in the competition.

Harry Kane is a double Premier League Golden Boot recipient

Harry Kane received the Premier League's Golden Boot twice: in 2016 and 2017.
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