Would Joe Biden be a good President?

As the 2020 election approaches, many question what America would look like with seasoned politician, centrist, Democrat candidate Joe Biden at the helm. Would Joe Biden be a good President?

Yes, Joe Biden would be a good President

Joe Biden is preferable compared to the competing Presidential candidates.

Joe Biden would reverse America's historic economic slump

The American economy has suffered catastrophically under Donald Trump's leadership. Conversely, Biden's strong record during the Obama administration suggests that he will lead a strong US recovery.

Joe Biden would steer America out of the coronavirus crisis

Donald Trump has failed to take the coronavirus seriously, resulting in tens of thousands of avoidable deaths. Biden will put an end to this, having already committed to prioritising overcoming the virus when he is elected.

Joe Biden would solve the social problems created by Trump's Presidency

American social tensions have escalated in the past four years. Despite the treatment of African Americans now under scrutiny in much of America, Trump's government has done little more than stoke anger. Finding ways to deal with these issues is at the forefront of Joe Biden's agenda.

Joe Biden would lead America to a greener future

Joe Biden has promised to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and reinvigorate America's commitments to stopping climate change before it's too late.

Joe Biden would protect LGBTQ+ rights

Unlike the incumbent, Biden has promised to uphold LGBTQ+ rights by denouncing Russia and Brunei's attacks on gay people. He also denounced Trump's decision to exclude transgender people from serving in the military.

Joe Biden would protect immigrants

Joe Biden has promised to support DACA, which protects childhood arrivals to the United States from deportation.

No, Joe Biden would not be a good President

Joe Biden is a worse Presidential candidate than the alternatives.

Joe Biden is a liar

Biden has lied to the public on several occasions, including about being arrested in apartheid South Africa and his role in the civil rights movement.

Joe Biden has an inconsistent voting record

While Biden claims to stand on a liberal platform, his historical voting record on issues including abortion and LGBTQ+ rights tells another story.

Joe Biden is too old to be President

If elected, Joe Biden will be the oldest President in American history.

Joe Biden is a sexual predator

Biden has several accusations from women about sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior with him. He has one allegation of sexual assault against him. While he owned up to his actions, he refused to apologize for any of them.

Joe Biden would hurt race relations

Biden authored the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which hurt minority and low-income communities due to over-policing. He also strongly opposed race-integration busing in the mid-'70s.

Joe Biden would escalate conflict in the Middle East

Biden supported military intervention in Libya, the war in Afghanistan, and the authorization of the Iraq war in 2002. He risks escalating anti-American sentiment in the Middle East.
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