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Is advertising morally wrong?
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Advertising encourages overspending

Overspending is one of the biggest problems in households all over the world. Instead of getting what they need, families and individuals often purchase more than what they were planning to pay for.

The Argument

Overspending is one of the biggest financial problems people face. In America, about 50% of people overspend out of their monthly income.[1] Spending money outside of their budget could cost a lot more later. Habitual overspending could leave the consumer money-less for emergencies and everyday necessities.[2] The reason people overspend so much is because of the frequent advertising of those products.

Counter arguments

Spending a little bit of money outside of the budget isn’t bad if it’s done in moderation. Sometimes people want to treat themselves. It’s not always advertising’s fault if people buy something just because they want something extra.



[P1] Overspending is a problem for many people. [P2] There are consequences to spending too much. [P3] Advertising is the cause of overspending. [P4] Advertising is wrong.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] People don’t always spend more because of advertisements.


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