Is advertising morally wrong?

Advertising is ubiquitous to modern day society. You would be hard-pressed to go a day or even an hour without seeing some form of advertising. However, the whole point of advertising is to manipulate our minds into largely pointless purchases. Should we condone the amount of advertising we see? Is advertising wrong?

Yes, advertising is morally wrong

Advertisement has been around since the dawn of time. Street sellers would go through cities peddling their products and newspapers and magazines have dozens of coupons. However, advertising can go too far.

Advertising encourages overspending

Overspending is one of the biggest problems in households all over the world. Instead of getting what they need, families and individuals often purchase more than what they were planning to pay for.

Advertising feeds insecurity

Vanity and materialism are two of the biggest problems in the world. Everyone believes that if they don’t have a certain car, house, or jewelry that they won’t seem successful. Advertising encourages people to look at their neighbors enviously.

No, there’s nothing morally wrong with advertising

Advertisement has been around since the beginning of time. It’s been a way to help businesses grow and prosper and lets customers know how to find their favorite products.

Advertising is just a form of marketing

Marketing is a great tool to help businesses grow. Without marketing, businesses wouldn't find smart ways to grow and find new customers.

Advertisements helps businesses grow

Businesses need to grow in order to stay afloat. Different forms of advertising bring customers to these businesses. Once a relationship is formed between a business and a customer, there are benefits for both.
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