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What are the conspiracy theories around COVID-19?
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Alcohol cures COVID-19

Either spraying it on you or just drinking it will protect you
False Health Warning
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(ALERT: Visit the WHO for accurate information about the coronavirus pandemic)[1] There has been a conspiracy circulating online that alcohol can cure Coronavirus or prevent you from catching it in the first place.

The Argument

One argument says that alcohol is a disinfectant therefore spraying alcohol on your body will kill the virus. A newspaper in India claimed that drinking alcohol will help you prevent COVID-19.[2]

Counter arguments

The World Health Organization has debunked this argument on their COVID-19 myth busting page. The WHO declared that spraying alcohol (or chlorine) on your body will not prevent you from getting COVID-19 and can also harm you.[3] Indian Boomlive Newspaper has debunked the claim that drinking alcohol will keep the COVID-19 at bay.[4] There is absolutely no evidence that alcohol will prevent people from getting COVID-19.[5][6]


Rejecting the premises


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