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What are the conspiracy theories around COVID-19?
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COVID-19 is caused by 5G

Many believe that the recent widespread integration of 5G cell towers throughout the world is directly correlated with the COVID-19 pandemic. They cite the 5G signal itself as an active agent in the rapid spread of the virus as a means for the government to control people.
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(ALERT: Visit the WHO for accurate information about the coronavirus pandemic)[1]

The Argument

The COVID-19 outbreak coincided with the mass installation of 5G towers across China and other parts of the world. Many claim that this can hardly be mere coincidence. Proponents of this theory such as social media star Dana Ashley, say that the 5G rollout is the root of the disease, noting that its symptoms are akin to those of radiation poisoning. 5G signal is believed to activate particles within the virus and cause them to replicate uncontrollably. Governments can deliberately target 'non-compliant' citizens with the signal and shut down their organs. The COVID-19 is therefore an advanced form of state control.

Counter arguments

There is absolutely no evidence of a connection between 5G and COVID-19. Scientific studies have shown that 5G cannot penetrate the skin, and therefore can have no impact on a person's internal organs as the virus does. The theory originated in a now debunked paper, which claimed the human brain can experience long term damage from being exposed to phone signal. This was later disproved.


Rejecting the premises


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