What are the conspiracy theories around COVID-19?

Despite all evidence pointing to infected animals at China's Wuhan seafood market as the source of the COVID-19, conspiracies abound. These claims range from international political plot to eccentric effort to undermine the Chinese economy. So, what are the conspiracies around this previously unseen, potentially devastating, illness?

COVID-19 is the realisation of an age old prophecy

Whether in ancient texts, or by modern mystics, the coming of a COVID-19-like disease has been prophesied for millennia.

The Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga predicted the virus in the 1970s

Russian state-backed media has alleged that Baba Vanga predicted a devastating global health epidemic akin to COVID-19.

COVID-19 is the realisation of Nostradamus' 'Great Plague'

Recent interpretations of Nostradamus' predictions see COVID-19 as the long-awaited 'Great Plague' set to ravage a 'Sea City'.

Novelist Dean Koontz predicted the COVID-19 in 1981

In his foreboding thriller 'The Eyes of Darkness', Koontz imagines a man-made virus called Wuhan created in its namesake city, sweeping the globe. The novel calls it the 'perfect weapon'.

COVID-19 is a form of state control

The COVID-19 was invented to create an opportunity for the extension of state power.

COVID-19 is caused by 5G

Many believe that the recent widespread integration of 5G cell towers throughout the world is directly correlated with the COVID-19 pandemic. They cite the 5G signal itself as an active agent in the rapid spread of the virus as a means for the government to control people.

COVID-19 is a man made biological weapon

As states posture for power and peace looks increasingly fragile, the virus was the perfect weapon to weaken others while avoiding warfare.

China created COVID-19 to attack foreign nations

The virus was deliberately created in a secret laboratory close to Wuhan. Scientists intended to use the illness to wipe out the US in the battle for global hegemony.

The US and Israel created coronavirus to attack foreign nations

These governments developed the virus together to leverage their positions against both China and the Middle East.

Coronavirus is part of the UK's ongoing biological warfare campaign

The UK developed the virus in the same secret laboratory in which they developed the radioactive drugs that infected the Skripals, and killed Litvinenko.

COVID-19 is economically motivated

Money, money, money. Making more, or clearing large-scale debts? Whatever the precise reason, the virus was an economic opportunity.

Pharmaceutical companies created COVID-19

Disease is a lucrative business for pharmaceutical companies. During the SARS epidemic in the early 2000s, upwards of a $100 billion was spent on combative drugs. COVID-19 is a financial opportunity.

COVID-19 is a Chinese government scam to reduce state pension outgoings

The Chinese government has already allowed certain SMEs to back out of established pension obligations and insurance fees to ease the virus' financial burden. Was it pre-empted?

Bill Gates planned the COVID-19 pandemic

Bill Gates preemptively planned the COVID-19 pandemic to push his foundation's agenda regarding the importance of infectious disease prevention, which he outlined in a TED talk several years ago.

COVID-19 is linked to alcohol consumption

Corona in name, corona by nature: the virus was named after the popular beer it originates from.

Corona started COVID-19

The virus was named after the famous brewery, following accidental contamination of its beer.

COVID-19 can be cured by taking drugs

We know the drugs don't work. but that hasn't stopped claims that illicit substances are a proven cure for COVID-19.

Cocaine cures COVID-19

Taking the illegal drug, known for its potentially lethal strength, is the only known way to get rid of the virus.

Alcohol cures COVID-19

Either spraying it on you or just drinking it will protect you

Hand dryers kill COVID-19

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