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What is the best diet for weight loss?
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The Alkaline diet is the best way to lose weight

You can shed weight by making your body more alkaline through your diet.
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The natural blood pH of the body is just over 7, making it slightly alkaline rather than acidic. By eating alkaline foods that help maintain the body's natural pH, you can lose weight. The body has internal mechanisms that work to maintain the blood's pH, but when you consume acidic foods, the body has to do more work to balance the blood's pH by drawing from the body's store of alkalized minerals. This depletes the body's mineral resources. When you eat foods that are allowed on the alkaline diet, those foods leave alkalized minerals. [1] Therefore, the body's mineral resources are not depleted. When you eat in ways that help maintain the body's natural pH, your body functions better, so you can lose weight.

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