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Should schools be able to ban books?
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Banning school books suppresses diversity

Prohibiting books restricts learning about other lifestyles.
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The Argument

A majority of books being banned or challenged include diverse content on sexuality, disability, race, and ethnicity. Adding restrictions makes it more difficult for children to learn about different life experiences outside of their own. Banning books with diverse content tells children with diverse backgrounds that their life is viewed as unsuitable to read about. It discourages them to learn about and accept other cultures and lifestyles.[1] Reading may be the only way children can learn about diverse content.[2] When books are prohibited in schools, it restricts the number of opportunities to learn and grow.

Counter arguments

Books are not the only way for children to learn about diversity. Parents, schools, and media have the ability to show and teach diverse content. Many books include diversity and are not banned, so children can still find books to expand their knowledge.



[P1] More than half of the books that are banned contain diverse content. [P2] Children come from diverse backgrounds. [P3] It is irresponsible to ban books, as children will then not see themselves reflected in literature.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] Children have many other avenues in which they can learn about diversity or see themselves reflected in literature.


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