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Should schools be able to ban books?
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Books can be read outside of school

Children have access to books outside of school through their home, library, or bookstore.
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The Argument

Even if a school bans a book, there are other places and opportunities for children to still read it. They can have access to libraries, bookstores, and their own home book collection.[1] Most parents are willing to help their children find books to read, even if banned by a school. They can buy the book for them, or take them to a library to borrow it. Book banning is pointless because there will always be alternative ways to read. If a child wants to read badly enough, they are able to go around their school and find a different place to read.[2]

Counter arguments

A school could be the only place where a child has access to books. Their parents may not have the means to get reading material for the children, or may not want to. They could agree with the school in believing that a banned book should not be read, so they discourage their children from reading. A school could be the only chance children could find a book they truly enjoy reading.



[P1] School is not the only place children have access to books. [P2] Children can find books at home, in libraries, or in bookstores. [P3] Banning books from schools does not completely ban a book.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Some children may only have access to books at school.


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