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Should schools be able to ban books?
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Books can be our best teachers

There is an abundance of information we can learn from reading.
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The Argument

Books have the ability to give an abundance of information to readers, thus increasing intelligence.[1] Literature is able to teach history in context. Readers can gain first-person experience about a part of history through characters, even if the book is fiction. It is an alternative way to learn about history from a direct perspective. For example, books can teach readers empathy.[2] By reading about characters' experiences, children gain a better understanding of emotions and can feel compassion, sympathy, then empathy.

Counter arguments

Children can learn through other mediums besides literature. Teachers, family, and the news all are capable of teaching the same information books can. Literature is not necessary for teaching, therefore should not be considered a teacher.



[P1] Reading improves memory. [P2] Reading increases intelligence. [P3] Reading increases emotional empathy. [P4] As reading enriches students so much, schools should not be censoring what they read.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P4] Literature is not the only thing that offers these benefits.


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