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Where is the best place to read?
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The best place to read is on public transportation

Whether it comes from a jet engine at 30,00 feet, a bus engine, or subway rails, the rhythmic hum of white noise from public transportation leads to the best reading experiences.

The Argument

Reading on public transportation pairs the majesty of travel with the limitless wonder of the written word. It allows the reader to physically travel a town, city, or even an entire country while getting lost in a good book. The constant white noise of the engine coupled with the changing scenery leads to a truly wondrous reading experience that no other stationary reading area can compete with. Reading on public transportation is the best place to read as it introduces the most majesty into an already wondrous book.[1] As an added bonus, it's also twice as productive. You can immerse yourself in your favorite novel and travel at the same time.

Counter arguments

Public transportation can be a great place read, but it can also be very hit-or-miss. A crowded bus or subway with nowhere to sit can quickly dash any hopes of getting lost in a good book.



Rejecting the premises


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