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Where is the best place to read?
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A library is the best place to read

Home to hundreds of thousands of books, a library offers comfort and quiet for a tranquil reading experience.

The Argument

A library is the best place to enjoy a book because it is home to so many of them. A reader can take a break and browse the bookshelves or explore their favorite section. Libraries have tons of options when it comes to finding a proper atmosphere to read in, from a trafficked main entrance, to the dead-silent study areas. Plus, a library is free to use. Also, if the reader finishes the book in the library, they can just return it or put it back on the shelf. There's no need to make an extra trip and risk paying late fees.[1]

Counter arguments

While libraries are a great place to visit, the public aspect of them can make it hard to relax and get lost in a book. A library is better suited as a place to get a great book than a place to read a great book.



Rejecting the premises


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