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Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden be better for healthcare?
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Joe Biden doesn't have a healthcare plan or a budget

Free healthcare for all sounds all well and good, but it would take billions in government spending and increase the tax burden on the American people. Joe Biden plans to expand the Affordable Care Act but has given little indication as to where the funds needed will come from.
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The US healthcare system currently combines public and private programs to insure the American people. Most Americans are covered through their employment. There are also government funded programs such as Medicare and Medicaid which provide further funding and support to vulnerable demographics[1].

The Argument

Biden has vowed to increase the scope of Medicare and affordability of medicine but has outlined little in the way of specifics about how this might be budgeted or implemented. Increased spending in the wake of one of the most severe recessions in recent history wold further burden the US economy which is struggling to pick up after a months-long national lockdown. Furthermore, many of his proposals are seen as bold and Biden himself has admitted that even the more centrist proposals in his plan will be hard to get through congress[2]. Many of his suggestions are reminiscent of the Obama era and Republicans argue these measures would put increased pressure on people’s taxes and further burden the American people.

Counter arguments

Joe Biden has outlined the proposals he wants to implement should he be elected. These measures will be to expand the aid programs, simplify the current system and lower the cost of medicine. His current plan seeks to increase the tax burden on high income households and hold large tax-avoiding companies to offset the cost[3].


[P1] Biden has progressive ideas for improving healthcare. [P2] These ideas are extreme and unrealistic. [P3] These ideas are not a viable healthcare plan.

Rejecting the premises


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