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Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden be better for healthcare?
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Donald Trump will repeal and replace the ACA with a better alternative

The Affordable Care Act has many issues and inefficiencies. Donald Trump advocates for creating a better system to benefit Americans and lower costs.
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The Argument

Trump has been working on a series of executive actions on healthcare. This would allow him to bypass congress and cut through the inefficient bureaucracy. Among the actions under consideration there are protections for people with preexisting conditions and abolishing of “surprise” medical bills [1]. Trump has consistently advocated for the American people to have freedom of choice and flexibility. This is what he is working on providing. Trump is working on increasing the transparency of the healthcare system and giving people access to less expensive and shorter period plans. He is seeking to repeal the ACA as an inefficient system to protect those with preexisting conditions and replace it with a structure which provides more transparency and flexibility for patients[2].

Counter arguments

Trump has consistently failed to provide any specifics for a replacement to the ACA. He has had four years to put his proposals through Congress and the Senate. For two of these the Republican Party had control over both these branches of government. Yet come 2020, Trump is running on the same platform of replacing the ACA. If he had a viable alternative, he had ample time to get it done before now.


[P1] Trump is cutting through the bureaucracy to swiftly implement reforms. [P2] These reforms will be more efficient than the ACA.

Rejecting the premises

[P1] Trump has had four years to implement reforms and has not provided the American people with concrete alternatives.


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