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Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden be better for healthcare?
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Joe Biden will improve the current healthcare system

Biden has vowed to introduce reforms to the healthcare system in order to simplify its structure and reduce its cost to the American people.
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The Argument

With Donald Trump’s continuous chants to “Repeal and Replace Obamacare” and reducing spending on healthcare year on year, Joe Biden has presented himself as a defender of the ACA. Joe Biden is aware of the importance of healthcare in the current socio-political climate. When asked whether he would veto “Medicare for All”, the plan championed by many of the more left-leaning Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Biden’s response was “I would veto anything that delays providing the security and the certainty of health care being available now”[1] . This displays a clear understanding of the urgency required to protect the American people from the pandemic before introducing radical reforms to the healthcare system as it stands. Instead, he is aiming to preserve the current structure of mixed private and government funded plans to reduce costs and lower the disruption to the American people, instead focusing on tightening the rules on health insurers[2]. Biden is also proposing a series of control prices for drugs and introducing premium tax credits for middle class families to help them pay for better coverage. To lower drug prices, Biden is looking to limit launch prices and price increases for medicines, and allowing consumers to buy prescriptions from abroad. As such, Biden is looking to expand and improve on the ACA by small and measured steps to reduce cost and confusion for the American people.

Counter arguments

With pressure from the right to decrease government control and pressure from the left to provide more coverage and improve the system, Joe Biden will be walking a fine line. His plans are ambitious but will be criticized by both extremes of the political spectrum. This will make it hard to implement any changes, regardless of how positive they may be[3]. Furthermore, as democrats, and particularly young democrats, increasingly support Medicare for all, Biden's stance against this proposal may serve to work against him with voters and support[4].


[P1] Biden want to improve the ACA. [P2] His plan outlines the areas which need improvement and how to achieve it. [P3] Biden will implement these reforms when elected into office.

Rejecting the premises

Further Reading

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