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How does coronavirus compare to other pandemics?
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The bubonic plague killed more people than any other

The bubonic plague killed roughly 200 million people in the 14th century.
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The bubonic plague, or Black Death, emerged in the 14th century. Originally spreading to humans from rats, the pandemic killed roughly 200 million people, about half of Europe's population.[1] It took over 200 years for the continent's population to recover. This places Black Death as the deadliest pandemic in history by a significant margin - second place belonging to smallpox, which killed 50 million people.[1] The disease was also terrifyingly contagious and deadly. Simply touching a sick person was said to be enough to infect someone else, and people who were healthy in the evening could be dead by the morning.[2] The Black Death was unprecedented in its deadliness, in a way that certainly has not been seen since.

Counter arguments


[P1] The Black Death killed many more people than any other pandemic. [P2] It is therefore by far the worst pandemic.

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