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What are the most effective work from home practices during COVID-19?
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Clothes maketh the man.

The clothes one wears has a profound impact on the way they conduct themselves throughout the day. A fresh set of clothes ensures a fresh start.
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The Argument

Being in a relaxed environment can be good for productivity. Nonetheless, doing so in conditions where we must hold down on the social interaction can prove to be more stressful and induce a gloominess in the air causing apathetic torpor. ‘Enclothed Cognition’ is the effect clothes have on the psyche and behavior of a person.[1] Time and again many studies have been performed which prove that our habit influences our habits to be more consistent with the way we are dressed.[2] They change the way others perceive us and also the way we perceive ourselves. So, why not boost productivity by tricking our brain into it? Dressing up in work clothes while working even at home acts as a mental cue for the brain to remain consciously in work mode. This helps boost productivity and wards off spells of procrastination.[3] However, this does not mean that one must dress in board-room formals. A happy balance between casuals and office wardrobe is key to comfort and focus. In these uncertain times, the certainty of a fixed routine also helps keep anxiety at bay. [4]A fixed routine when working from home helps us feel in control of our time and promotes a feeling of normalcy. This helps maintain a safe mental space and uphold an optimistic attitude in these bleak times.

Counter arguments

Changing in and out of clothes adds an additional burden on the to do list of household chores and weigh a little heavy on the routine. Especially so if you live with smaller children, have a larger family or have furry pets.


Rejecting the premises


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