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Is communism viable in the USA?
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Communism is doomed to fail

Communist countries have decayed in the past into impoverished dictatorships. Communism undermines individual choice by putting government power before individual rights or needs.
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The Argument

In theory, expecting people to take what they need seems ideal and reasonable but is not realistic. Individuals may not be satisfied with what they have, which can lead to corruption and abuse of power from the government, as they would be in control of everything. The society values present in the USA today contradict the selfless beliefs present in a "communist utopia". The USA is a highly competitive and individualistic society, which has gotten used to a hierarchy system that would not be applicable in a communist state.[1] Communism in the Societ Union [now Russia] failed due to many factors such as their economic state and creating an oppressive society. Citizens did not believe communism was functional, as a whole national identity of unity had never been established. Therefore, communism would never be viable in the USA. [2]

Counter arguments

China has survived in communism for more than 50 years since 1949. China's citizens share the sentiment in which they are all part of a collective and equal body. Rather than political change, China put a focus on the economy. Political change is inevitably brought about by creating a strong economy. This system is much more sustainable, at least within a communist government, since a nation needs to trade and be open to foreign action in order to have a good economy. Therefore, if US citizens cooperate in an equal and cooperative body, the country could flourish.[3]



Rejecting the premises


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