Is communism viable in the USA?

Communism is an economic ideology that advocates for a classless society in which all property and wealth are communally-owned, instead of by individuals. The idea of communism came from the German philosopher Karl Marx.

Yes, communism could be viable in the USA

The capitalist system in the United States allows for the unjust distribution of wealth, which ends up damaging to society.

Communism protects against job insecurity

As of July 2020, the USA had a whopping 10.2% rate of unemployment. Communism would allow a society that could have and create jobs for everybody based on their skills.

No, communism is not viable in the USA

According to history, communism has a bad reputation in the USA. It would take more than the promotion of communism and its possible perks for it ever to be viable or implemented.

The First Red Scare proved to be a complete refusal to communism

After the communist takeover in Russia, Americans began to fear the spread of communism in its labor class. Communism went against the patriotism that was present during World War I.

Communism is doomed to fail

Communist countries have decayed in the past into impoverished dictatorships. Communism undermines individual choice by putting government power before individual rights or needs.
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