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Is communism viable in the USA?
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Communism protects against job insecurity

As of July 2020, the USA had a whopping 10.2% rate of unemployment. Communism would allow a society that could have and create jobs for everybody based on their skills.

The Argument

If the United States government were to own all means of production, then there could be a job for anybody. Instead of the present system of competing for jobs, communism would recognize the skills and strengths of every individual and tailor a job for them. Each individual would be expected to do their part in order to receive benefits. [1] In a communist society, everyone would be allowed to be educated, for free, which would overall increase jobs and skills for people. People would not be pushed to live their lives or career "for the money". Thus, because of elevated levels of anxiety, frustration, disappointment, alienation, and depression. The unemployed are expected to exhibit poorer mental health. In addition, these emotions are likely to be more pronounced among those who assume greater financial responsibilities and individuals with a greater sense of self-efficacy fostered by previous success in various fields, including school and work.[2] Communism would ensure job security and, therefore, happier individuals. Everyone can work harmoniously in communist societies without stepping on each other's toes. Work, accountability, and rewards are shared equally between people. If individuals feel no envy, jealousy, or have goals that are contradictory to the state's objectives, then it is possible to sustain harmonious economic growth. [1] The opposite, or capitalism, enables the rich to become richer and the poor to stay poor. [3]

Counter arguments

Under a communist society, everybody would be paid the same in order to live the same. This would be damaging to the USA because it could lead to individuals becoming "lazy" or unmotivated in their job field. It would be unfair for a doctor or scientist to be paid the same as a server. A doctor or scientist has a harder job that requires more skills than that of a server, which most people could do. If these three jobs were paid the same, then there would be no motivation to improve or create innovative jobs or positions that improve society. Under communism, people have a guaranteed job, and the standard of living stays the same. They have health insurance, and they have education; there is no fear of poverty. If individuals have guaranteed jobs without fear of being terminated, people become lazy. [4]



Rejecting the premises


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