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Should corporal punishment be allowed?
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Corporal punishment shouldn't be used in anger

When used it anger, corporal punishment methods send a dangerous message.
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If parents or teachers use corporal punishment on children when they are angry, it sends a message that it is okay to use violence when you’re angry.

The Argument

Showing children that it is okay to use violence in anger sends a dangerous message to children. It shows them that violence is acceptable in situations that evoke extreme anger. On the other hand, if parents only use corporal punishment when they have a cool head, explaining the punishment is a direct consequence of the child's actions, it shows the child that they must be held responsible for their own actions. This scenario is acceptable and sends a positive message to children about their behaviour. Using corporal punishment as a knee-jerk, angry response is not acceptable. [1]

Counter arguments


[P1] Violence is acceptable when used as a punishment. [P2] Violence is unacceptable when used out of anger. [P3] Corporal punishment is violence. [P4] Therefore, corporal punishment cannot be used out of anger.

Rejecting the premises


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