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Should Parlia support local opinions?
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Discussing local issues will increase participation

People are much more likely to be interested in and become involved in debates that have a personal impact. By encouraging local discussions, more people will turn to Parlia to discuss their opinions and, in the process, familiarize themselves with the larger democratic process of debate.
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The Argument

Parlia's goals are to provide an inclusive platform for everyone all over the world and to do so in a constructive avenue of reasonable discussion. Extending debate to the local level really provides an all-encompassing site and true encyclopedia of opinions that supports issues on both larger and smaller scales. To favor one over the other would automatically introduce a bias of governmental or corporate prioritization, which does not send a message of inclusiveness. Also, studies have shown that providing links to localities within controversies and their news sources will boost local business and commerce[1], which is incredibly beneficial.

Counter arguments

Focusing too heavily on local issues detracts from the concepts and arguments that more universally affect everyone who visits Parlia, not just the small minority of people to which that map would apply. Yes, Parlia should be inclusive, but not all aspects of life and facets of humanity do people find themselves understanding and relating to them. Simply because there are disputes or genuinely intriguing issues on a smaller, personal scale, they do not apply to a site attempting to reach a worldwide market.


[P1] Parlia is an inclusive site attempting to compile all possible opinions and controversies in the world. [P2] Including issues on the local level increases the magnitude of issues covered within the site as a whole - an all-encompassing approach to the encyclopedia's mission plan. [P3] Therefore, Parlia should include local issues in its arguments.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Parlia can be inclusive without going down to the local level. The vast majority of people visiting the site search for issues they can relate to, not miscellaneous disputes that have little to do with the wider world network of opinions being built. [Rejecting P3] Parlia should not include local issues.


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