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Should Parlia support local opinions?
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Parlia is a young database that's still continuing to grow and expand

Parlia is young and has plenty of room to grow. Therefore it’s important to gain a stable base and as an encyclopedia of opinions for the world it’s important to map out worldwide issues. As it grows and expands its maps and resources then it’ll then be able to gather and map data on local issues.
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The Argument

Parlia, being an encyclopedia of opinion, maps out the arguments of any stance someone might take on a topic in the belief that there are finite number of arguments and reasoning for every opinion. [1] Being a young website, Parlia has evolved in leaps and bounds but there are still many opinions to map out. Currently Parlia has been focusing on topics that range from worldwide topics to a singular countries topics but does the website have the capabilities to map opinions of local issues? The answer to this is not no, but not yet. As a young website Parlia needs to bulk up its repertoire of maps of worldwide issue and perfect their arguments. This will allow it to gain traction and increase the traffic on the website and responses on tests. When there's a significant amount of people aware and contributing to Parlia then that would be the time to expand their efforts to include more local issues that while not important to the whole can be interesting for everyone, not just a small percent that might not even realize such opinions exist.

Counter arguments

While Parlia was only started up in 2019 that does not take away from the fact that it has grown exponentially in that time. With the goal of mapping the world’s opinions local issues should be included. Though local issues have a smaller sphere of those they affect that does not take away from the issues impact nor the opinions it generates. Even if someone is not involved in the problem themselves they’ll also have their own opinion about what should be done. Having the database of worldwide opinions is good for generating a baseline of data but it’s important to be inclusive to all opinions even if they are not as widely known as other issues. It might be harder to find coverage and information on local issues but despite that they are still opinions and Parlia is interested in mapping everyones opinions, not just the worlds.



[P1] Parlia is not yet ready to take on local issues when it's still mapping out current, worldwide issues

Rejecting the premises

[PR1] Parlia maps all opinions big or small and small issues only take more research and time to map properly


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