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Is the wellness industry racist?
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The wellness industry is accessible to all and actions for inclusion have already been taken

Wellness entrepreneurs prioritize inclusion and access. Additionally, many use their wellness platforms to advocate for incremental change.


Wellness entrepreneurs prioritize inclusion, going as far as to provide classes on the matter. Many are making wellness practices more accessible to communities of color. In fact, many wellness brands use their platforms to advocate for equality.

The Argument

While the wellness industry has been unaccessible in the past, the problem has been tackled by industry leaders and business owners. Now, diversity and inclusivity are at the forefront. In fact, it is the industry mission.

Counter arguments

Minuscule actions do not change the exclusive nature of the industry -- it is still unwelcoming towards minority communities. It is inherently elitist, and small efforts will not change that.



Historical & Incremental Framework - There have been huge strides made in the past decades, and diversity has been prioritized. Additionally, we must frame this argument in an incremental fashion. There is no single solution to this, but actions taken by individual business owners HAVE made a difference.


Incremental change is key to equality

Rejecting the premises

Insignificant policy changes fail and maintain discrimination -- only a re-conceptualization of neoliberalism will solve structural bias.


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