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Is the wellness industry racist?
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Wellness sub-industries place priority on diverse employees and clientel

Wellness CEOs have hired diverse employees and are seeking to expand diverse clients.
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Many wellness company owners tout high diversity numbers, specifically in the area of employment. Spas and yoga studios are highly diverse and prioritize attracting people with different backgrounds.

The Argument

The wellness industry is not exclusionary and attitudes have shifted towards diversity. Top industry professionals, as well as small-business owners, employ and recruit people from diverse genders, ages, and races. This is statistically proven both at the corporate and independently-owned level.

Counter arguments

Having diverse employees does not address the root-cause of exclusion, nor does it address the socioeconomic issues with wellness. In order for change to be made, costs need to go down.



Wellness is highly lucrative and capitalism is good. Diverse employees help to make the industry more welcoming for those who want to partake in wellness practices.


Corporate actions trickle-down and help to fragment structural barriers such as racism and sexism.

Rejecting the premises

Corporate efforts to diversity always fail -- they do not address the root cause of exclusion. It is a structural issue within society which must be broken down. Otherwise, every industry will continue to foster exclusion, especially an elitist one like wellness.


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