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Are e-readers better than printed books?
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E-readers are more environmentally friendly

E-readers provide an environmentally friendly alternative that decreases the amount of paper utilized, which improves the Earth’s sustainability by reducing deforestation.

The Argument

Reading with electronic devices means that paper is not needed. This saves a lot of trees and is potentially a solution to excessive deforestation.

Counter arguments

The production of electronic devices such as tablets and phones are not especially environmentally friendly either. The International E-Waste Management Network (IEMN) was founded in concern for growing amounts of electronic waste around the world, which contain many hazardous chemicals. According to Greenpeace statistics, e-waste is the fastest growing component of municipal solid waste, and the rate of increase is even three times faster than the total waste stream in Europe and the UK.



[P1] E-readers do not require the use of paper. [P2] Therefore, they are more environmentally friendly than books.

Rejecting the premises


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