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Are e-readers better than printed books?
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Printed books provide an authentic reading experience

The feeling of flipping pages in a book can't be replicated with an e-reader (yet).

The Argument

Printed books offer the most natural reading experience - turning page by page, making little notes in the margins with pencil, admiring the cover art, feeling the weight of the book itself... these are little things about paperbacks or hardbacks that make reading a special experience for some. It is the medium that has lasted for centuries on end, and is the most classic way to read. E-readers, however, deprives readers of these experiences. Swiping across a screen, or pressing the side buttons, can never hope to give readers the same feeling one could have with a book.

Counter arguments



[P1] The experience of reading from a physical book provides a more authentic experience than reading from an e-reader.

Rejecting the premises


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