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What are the positions on DACA and Dreamers?
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Eliminating DACA is morally incorrect

DACA serves an ethical purpose by protecting minor immigrants who came to the United States following their parents. It also gives them rights and benefits that allow them to succeed and help their families and the US.
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The Argument

Eliminating DACA will cause great harm to young immigrants for no benefit. Most of these young immigrants came with their parents and did not make the decision to travel themselves. The average age of DACA immigrants coming to the US is 6.5 years. Travelling at such a young age made many immigrants have little connection to the place they came from and identify more as Americans. In addition, many of them came to the US to seek protection from dangers in their homes. These dangers include wars and fear of persecution based on religion, race, political opinion, and nationality. It is unethical to deport these young immigrants who were forced to leave their countries. DACA protects these immigrants against deportation. [1][2] The protection of DACA also gives these young migrants some rights and benefits that allow them to progress in their lives in the United States. About 96% of DACA recipients enroll in either the workforce or in educational programs. Education and jobs are crucial because they help young immigrants to be independent and able to support their families. Research also shows that when young immigrants are freed from the risk of deportation, they become more productive to help themselves and the country. The average salary of young immigrants has doubled between pre-DACA and after receiving DACA. Nearly 78% of American voters support DACA. [3] Eliminating DACA is morally incorrect because it puts the immigrants in insecurity and fear that makes them unable to be productive to help themselves and society. [4]

Counter arguments

DACA is an immoral program. It encourages more illegal immigrants to come into the United States and harms the state of the country. DACA protects a wide range of illegal immigrants and not just the ones that came to the United States too young or as infants. DACA protects all immigrants before their 16th birthday. Additionally, DACA does not employ prerequisites that are important for the Untied States like English language fluency. [5]



Rejecting the premises


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