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What are the positions on DACA and Dreamers?
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DACA helps improve the US economy

Economic losses would follow the elimination of the DACA program including a decrease in tax revenues and loss of workforce and students enrolled in education programs.
DACA Immigration USA

The Argument

Removing DACA will result in many financial losses to the United States. Before DACA, some immigrants were afraid to pay fees for various opportunities in front of them like education and work because they were afraid to give their identifying information to the government which may lead to their deportation. After the government implemented DACA to protect young immigrants from deportation, dreamers worked and studied more which led to more revenue through tuition costs and taxes. Dreamers paid $4 billion dollars in taxes to the government in 2017. Researchers predict that eliminating DACA would lead the US economic growth to shrink by $280 million.[1] DACA recipients play an important role in the workforce. Dreamers contribute to employment significantly. At least 72% of the top 25 fortune companies like Walmart, Chase, Home Depot, and Wells Fargo employ DACA recipients. Not only do Dreamers contribute through working in others' businesses, some of them also have started their own businesses. In 2017, about 5% of DACA recipients have started their own businesses which contributes to the US economy by creating jobs. Finally, DACA recipients contribute largely to the US economy through consumer spending which is a major factor of the US economy functioning. DACA provides many benefits to the US economy and should not be eliminated. [2][3]

Counter arguments

DACA makes young illegal immigrants eligible to work in the United States. These immigrants are taking jobs away from other Americans= citizens. There are over 4 million Americans who are unemployed who could make use of these jobs.[4] In addition to the decrease in job openings for Americans, salaries and job benefits decrease due to DACA. As the supply of workers increases, there is less demand for workers. Increased workers leads to more competition on jobs and makes businesses willing to decrease wages. DACA is worse for the economy when it comes to legal American citizens and therefore should be eliminated. [5]



Rejecting the premises


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