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What are some viable career options for an English major?
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English majors can become editors

English majors are suited for this job because of their education and experience in writing and grammar, and perhaps even their knowledge of various kinds of literature.
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The Argument

Editors are paramount in the creation of any kind of book, or any kind publication at all. They scout for new authors, proofread the writing to be published, and communicate with the author to give feedback. More detail-oriented and grammar-alert English majors might find themselves great at the proofreading part, and the rest would have to come from learning on the job. Nevertheless, the language ability of English majors, who have spent several years writing essays and being graded meticulously on them, is pretty much guaranteed. Regardless, an exciting aspect of being an editor is the fact that you play an active role in the making of a book (or any other publication). You oversee each part of the book as it is written, the changes it goes through, the whole process until it finally emerges as a completed work ready to be shown to the world. Book-loving English majors might even appreciate this feeling more as they work on producing something that could show up the next time they browse their local bookstore.

Counter arguments


[P1] A passion for reading books can translate into an interest for making books.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Not everybody might share the same thoughts.


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