What are some viable career options for an English major?

A question that every English student ever has received is “Are you going to be a teacher?” To which most of us would reply noncommittally. While it is true that many students who major in English go on to study postgraduate degrees and become teachers, lecturers, professors and the like, it seems that many don’t realise the breadth of career optionsEnglish majors have.

The education sector

Many English majors work in the education sector because it is the most direct career path that allows them to use what they have learned throughout their degree.

English majors can become English teachers

Teaching English (as a first or second language) is a popular choice for English majors to pass on the knowledge they have learned.

English majors can become professors

Teaching at a college or a university is largely different from teaching at a primary or secondary school and should be considered separately.

The publishing sector

The publishing sector is the ideal field for passionate English majors who want to turn their degree into lasting works.

English majors can become authors

An English major’s fluency and proficiency in writing can flourish in this occupation.

English majors can become editors

English majors are suited for this job because of their education and experience in writing and grammar, and perhaps even their knowledge of various kinds of literature.

The entertainment sector

English majors can become writers, screenwriters, copywriters, actors, critics, and even more.

English majors can become scriptwriters

The undeniably inherent link between English majors and scriptwriting presents a viable career path for students leaving college and searching for future opportunities. Knowledge of the intricacies of the English language as well as storytelling and character construction are all skills needed to become a successful scriptwirter, and English major naturally acquire these naturally through their educational backgrounds.

English majors can become film critics

Among the multiple possible career paths English majors can embark upon, film criticism is one of the most prevalent and, arguably, rewarding ones they can choose. Not only is there a deep connection between the two disciplines, but film criticism can be understood by writers on a much deeper and more comprehensive level.

English majors can become actors or actresses

Many famous actors and actresses came from an English background, adding to the inherent connection between entertainment and writing. The wide understanding and interpretation of literature can propel an actor forward through versatile character development and storytelling.

The journalism sector

English majors can provide valuable reporting content with their skills.

English majors can become reporters

English majors possess many of the same skills of story construction and analytical reading and writing that reports do, so one viable career option for English majors is reporting.

English majors can become columnists

English majors and journalism go hand in hand, the educational subjects so intrinsically related that, often, the natural career path for aspiring writers entering the workforce with degrees in English leads towards becoming a columnist. Many of the skills required for a career in journalism are derived from the English discipline in higher education.
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