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What are some viable career options for an English major?
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English majors can become professors

Teaching at a college or a university is largely different from teaching at a primary or secondary school and should be considered separately.
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English majors who want to continue pursuing academia will probably become professors at a college or university. The path to becoming a professor is long, requiring many promotions and a lot of experience in teaching. After obtaining a Bachelor's degree, one would have to continue on to a Master’s and maybe even a doctoral degree, become a Teaching Assistant during those periods of study, and work their way up from there. This would be a great path for those who are interested in reading, reviewing, and writing academic papers. It would also be a great path for those who want to share their passion for English with students. In primary or secondary schools, English is almost always a required subject and students cannot choose whether they want to take it or not. It’s a different story for college and university. Students choose to major in English because they want to, and that means students are interested in the subject. Teaching English, which will have become your profession, at tertiary levels means that you are sharing your wealth of knowledge assimilated from years of academia and maybe even inspiring them to do the same.

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