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What are the most useful skills to learn while social distancing?
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Be a good neighbour

Look out for those that live beside you and might not be able to go outside.

The Argument

Being a good neighbour during lockdown is especially important because we have lost access to many conventional support networks which formal social support services are overwhelmed by the pandemic. Because of this, it is increasingly important for people to practice being a good neighbour. Looking out for one another and offering help where possible can alleviate the burden of the social sector, allowing the scarce resource we do have resources to be diverted to those who need them most. The elderly and those with pre-existing conditions are among the most vulnerable[1], both because they are susceptible to Covid19 and also because they are more dependant on social services. Therefore, when these safety nets are overwhelmed and limited, it is important for others to step in and help in any way they can. Being a good neighbour is simple and but can be a valuable use of time.[2] It can be as simple as offering to pick up and deliver groceries for someone or calling them up and having a chat. Those living alone are another vulnerable population as loneliness can lead to depression, so it is important to check in with those who have no one around[3]. Being a good neighbour can make all the difference to those who are struggling most throughout the pandemic and it comes at little personal cost. Overall, being a good neighbour is going to make someone else's life easier during these hard time. Offering to help the vulnerable to protect them from the virus may save their life and contributes to 'flattening the curve' of the pandemic.[3]

Counter arguments



[P1] The pandemic has overwhelmed public support systems. [P2] Which public social support is overwhelmed, it is up to neighbours and friends look out for vulnerable populations especially.

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