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What are the most useful skills to learn while social distancing?
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Digital skills

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Become an influencer

With so much time on your hands, why not work on your personal brand?
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The Argument

Becoming a social media influencer can improve personal branding and be used to spread helpful and critical information to marginalised communities. Lockdown has largely done away with the typical influencer content of aspirational and inspirational habits and activities. Influencers used to promote healthy and desirable lifestyles, comprised of Starbucks latte's, spin classes, yoga, and travel. But lockdown has changed the game. Now influencers are using their platform to keep people informed. In fact, Finland has gone as far as to classify influencers there as 'critical operators' alongside doctors and public transit officers.[1] Finland's government communications director has said that "The aim of this cooperation is to provide better access to information for those who are difficult to reach through traditional channels." Influencers have a platform that can be reshaped to fit the needs of the time and reach a wide number of audiences with important current information on safety and hygiene guidance. There has been wide governmental praise for various influencers during the lockdown, including fitness instructor Joe Wicks who has been doing youtube physical education classes for children stuck at home.[2] Influencers have a platform to spread positive and important messages to parts of the population who might not be tuned into to ordinary news media circles, such as children and teens.

Counter arguments



[P1] Influencers have a platform to get their voice across. [P2] Influencers can use their platform during the pandemic to create awareness. [P3] Their platform reaches youth who are prone to be left out of information cycles. [P4] Influencing during the pandemic is helpful to spreading important information across non-traditional media channels.

Rejecting the premises


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