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What are the most useful skills to learn while social distancing?
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Spring clean

Cleanliness is Godliness, right? Either way, it's good for peace of mind.

The Argument

While stuck at home waiting out the pandemic, many people have taken to spring cleaning. Because of all the time spent at home, proponents, like Rod Stewart argue that now is the time to tackle the bigger jobs around the house, like decluttering their attics or garages[1]. Rather than throwing things out, people are finding ways to spring clean with minimal waste production. Where they can, people are donating unwanted goods to charities. Others are up-cycling their things, turning previously unused objects into something useful.

Counter arguments

Coronavirus lockdown has led to many regional waste dumps to close, meaning that the waste from spring cleaning is being diverted toward the general waste collection system. Some local governments are urging people to avoid too much spring cleaning because the reduced waste capabilities are struggling to keep up with increased waste production from household spring cleaning. The service director for highways and waste, Marc Morley "'spring clean' can have a big effect on the amount of waste you produce," which is overwhelming waste collection systems[2].



Rejecting the premises


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