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What is the best way to stay fit during COVID-19?
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Indoor fitness

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Who needs expanses of land when you can pace your home instead?
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The Argument

If you count steps, it's likely that you will see a major drop in the daily count once isolation begins. Housewalking is a way to get around this.[1] The idea is simple - simply walk in your house, either walking around or in place. This way you can get the step count up while doing anything you want! The founder of housewalking, Lisa Lillien, states that "the best part of house walking is that it's fun. It’s a great feeling to look at your pedometer after strolling around the house and see how many steps you’ve racked up."[2]

Counter arguments

Housewalking is fun if you have the mental and physical space. In small apartments, it may not be physically possible to walk more than a few paces before turning around. For those who feel they have been stuck in the same routine during isolation, walking the same few paces over and over again to up their step count may contribute to the feeling of sameness.


Rejecting the premises


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