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Should hate speech be illegal?
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It's hypocritical to try and make hate speech illegal

Hurtful words will always be around. Bullies, passive aggressiveness, and slander are simply a part of society that everyone must grow up with and ignore. If people put up with verbal aggression like this, then hate speech should be tolerated too.
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The Argument

Hate speech is said to be a major problem that should be illegal. But if that’s the case, slander and verbal aggression should be illegal as well. Verbal abuse causes anxiety and diminished self-esteem.[1] Hate speech shouldn’t be illegal if people are suffering from bullying, emotional manipulation, slander, and passive aggressive behavior is okay in society.

Counter arguments

Verbal abuse should be punished for as well as hate speech. But hate speech attacks someone because of their identity, not their character. Hating a specific group of people hinders their lifestyle and socialization with others.



[P1] Hate speech is a major problem that should be illegal, but only if all other forms of verbal abuse or verbal aggression is illegal too. [P2] Hate speech and verbal abuse have the same consequences. [P3] It would be very hypocritical if hate speech was illegal but bullying, slander, and being verbally aggressive wasn't.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Hate speech has bigger consequences than verbal abuse.


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