Should hate speech be illegal?

Hate speech has been around since time began, when feuds began occurring between different groups. Is it something that should be lawfully punished ? Or is it covered as a part of someone's right to free speech?

Yes, hate speech should be illegal

Hate speech has no right to exist in this world.

There are severe consequences of hate speech

Hate speech is a regular part of society even though it shouldn’t be. It often results in violence and has caused pain for many innocent people over the years. It would be best to make it illegal to stop hate fueled violence and help individuals become mentally stable.

Other countries have laws condemning hate speech

Different countries have various ways to approach hate speech. Some don’t do anything at all while others are strict about it.

Hate speech is a form of discrimination

Discrimination has been present in human history for years. Even now, racial, gender, and religious differences keep people from being treated like human beings. This is unacceptable in a world where differences make up every individual.

No, hate speech shouldn't be illegal

People should have the right to say what they want, no matter the consequences.

Freedom of speech

The freedom to speak freely is an important aspect of a well-functioning country. Banning opinions stifles the power of the people who are governed.

Some people deserve it

Because there are so many horrible people in the world, it often causes strain on law abiding civilians. It’s not fair that people must suffer from criminals and terrorists. Hate speech is a way of saying they aren’t accepted in society and shouldn’t be treated like a normal person.

Hate speech is like constructive criticism

Constructive criticism is a great way to build character. It strengthens mental endurance and helps a workplace run smoothly. Hate speech has catapulted historical events towards great goals. Therefore, both ideas are similar.

Hate speech shouldn't concern the law

What people say shouldn't be dictated by the government.

Hate speech will always be a part of history

Unfortunately, hate speech is a part of history. Countries have been fighting each other and conquering each other’s land for centuries. It’s something that can never be avoided because people will always hate something.

Different cultures deal with hate speech in different ways

Hate speech is prevalent in different cultures and countries. Since they're not doing anything to stop it, hate speech shouldn't be a global issue.

It's hypocritical to try and make hate speech illegal

Hurtful words will always be around. Bullies, passive aggressiveness, and slander are simply a part of society that everyone must grow up with and ignore. If people put up with verbal aggression like this, then hate speech should be tolerated too.
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