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What are the forms of European anti-Semitism?
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Jews are 'too clever' and are often employ unethical business practices

The Jewish character is stereotyped as manipulative and sly. Historically, Jewish people were often accused of being liars and cheats. Jewish people are also stereotyped to be frequently associated with roles that have been historically considered predatory such as tax collector or moneylender.
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“And in his winning and handsome face there was just a faint suggestion of some possible very remote Jewish ancestor—just a tinge of that strong, sturdy, irrepressible, indomitable, indelible blood which is of priceless value in diluted homeopathic doses, like the dry white Spanish wine called montijo, which is not meant to be taken pure; but without a judicious admixture of which no sherry can go round the world and keep its flavour intact; or like the famous bulldog strain, which is not beautiful in itself, and yet just for lacking a little of the same no greyhound can ever hope to be a champion.”

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