What are the forms of European anti-Semitism?

Anti-Semitism is prejudice or hatred against Jews. Those feelings are tied to a number of different issues and express themselves in different ways. Unfortunately, these views still exist in places around the world.

Identitarian Anti-Semitism

Identitarian anti-Semitism believes Jews do not fit in with mainstream European culture.

Jews are dirty, weak, poor, uncivilised

Anti-Zionist anti-Semitism

Anti-Zionist anti-Semitism conflates criticism of the state of Israel with criticism of all Jews.

Anti-Israel arguments can become hatred toward Jews

Often, criticism of Israel crosses the line into clearly antisemitic territory based on the location's ancient association with the Jewish holy land.

Anti-Capitalist anti-Semitism

Anti-Capitalist anti-Semitism sees Jews as representatives of globalised capital.

Jews create the problems of a capitalistic society

Because of Jews' historic socioeconomic place in European society, anti-Semites blame them for the issues with capitalism.

Anti-bourgeois anti-Semitism

Anti-bourgeois anti-Semitism sees Jews as representatives of the ills of industrialisation and modernisation.

Jews are 'too clever' and are often employ unethical business practices

The Jewish character is stereotyped as manipulative and sly. Historically, Jewish people were often accused of being liars and cheats. Jewish people are also stereotyped to be frequently associated with roles that have been historically considered predatory such as tax collector or moneylender.

Conspiracist anti-Semitism

Conspiracist anti-Semitism attributes to Jews extraordinary powers of control over world events.

Jews control the Media

Much of contemporary antisemitism is based in conspiracy theories related to the belief that Jews are plotting to take over the world.

Religious anti-Semitism

Religious anti-Semitism, or anti-Judaism, attributes to the Jews a special, negative role in the Divine Plan.

The Jews killed Jesus

Jews as Traitors

This wide category of anti-semitism sees Jews as 5th columnists, trying to undermine society from within.

Jews are 'Rootless Cosmopolitans'

The Blood Libel

Anti-Leftist anti-semitism

Throughout Europe and the US, Jews have been blamed for fomenting Socialism in an attempt to tear down Western society.

'Jewish' Leftism undermines traditional values

Socialism is a Jewish conspiracy

Jews foment social revolution to destroy society in order to then take power.
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