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Why are men overrepresented in tech?
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Males are more systems-oriented

Systemizing is defined as the drive to analyze or build a rule-based system, and since technology requires a specific set of rules to follow, men are naturally more inclined to work in the industry.
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The Argument

An ex-Google employee and engineer, James Damore, wrote a memo stating that the biological difference between men and women is why gender diversity shouldn't be a goal and why there are fewer women in the tech-field compared to men. Women are more interested in people and aesthetics, whereas men lean towards things. The male brain is the "systemizing brain," and the female brain is the "empathizing" brain. [1] A man's brain is more suited for leadership. Men's brains are hardwired for achieving power, gaining expertise, and being good at tracking. Women experience more stress than men, so tech-related jobs, which are highly stressful, are not well suited for women.[2] Men are overrepresented in tech because men are naturally more equipped for the challenges of the tech field.

Counter arguments

Baron-Cohen's study lacked necessary controls against experimenter bias and was proven to be incorrectly designed. Male and female infants respond to objects and people equally, so the idea of experimenting with infants in their parent's laps to achieve an outcome such as that male have "systemizing" brains contradicts literature. [3]



Rejecting the premises


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