Why are men overrepresented in tech?

Tech and software development are industries where men are heavily favoured. Is this because men are naturally driven towards these roles, or because women are turned against them?

Boys clubs prevent women from gaining access

Social structures, networks, and a boys club generally attitude keeps women out of tech and software development.

Technology is designed for men

The design and development of technology cater to male interests and their preference, which is why men lean towards jobs in technology.

Society encourages men to dominate workplaces

From a very young age, society teaches men to pursue leading roles for dominancy and high reward, to outperform women in all fields of work, especially STEM-related.

Tech fields lack gender diversity

With a higher percentage of men aiming for tech-related education, most of the jobs are occupied by them in the industry. Due to their dominance, men are offered higher wages than their female peers, which discourages women from joining tech fields.

Men have a natural pre-disposition for technology

Men are naturally drawn to things over people, and this tendency leads them towards careers in areas like technology.

Males are more systems-oriented

Systemizing is defined as the drive to analyze or build a rule-based system, and since technology requires a specific set of rules to follow, men are naturally more inclined to work in the industry.
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