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What is the best thing to watch on Netflix while in quarantine?
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Watch Master of None in quarantine

Master of None is a modern take on love and dating. It takes simple situations and makes them relatable to anyone. Love is something that takes time to figure out, and Master of None takes a raw approach at it. The series is beautifully shot, very real, and very funny.

The Argument

The Award-Winning show, Master of None, by Aziz Ansari, is a quirky comedy that is perfect to watch in quarantine. The show is inviting and warm and walks the viewer into Dev Shah's life path to love. The show has a sweet delivery. It shows the many obstacles faced by millennials in this age. The show talks a lot about race (a very relevant topic) but presents the issues in a welcoming manner. The show is not going to make the viewer cry, but will rather show hope in the process of "growing up".[1]

Counter arguments

Skip the show if you hate the "millennial" approach to stories. The show is new and experiments in new storytelling techniques, which makes it feel choppy and uncomfortable. The show has love parts, and then gut-wrenching parts, which make no sense. The show is bland.[2]



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